Why Utah?

Contemplating a Move to Utah?

It just so happens that Utah is not only a pretty state; it's a phenomenal live/work environment for people of all stripes and colors.

The Utah Technology Council (UTC), people that make up the IT, clean tech and life science industries here in Utah, have put the following information together to help you get a real perspective on what's going on in Utah.

First, there's the official party line, all the great stats and data on why it would be impossible to live anywhere else. Truly, it's pretty compelling in its own right.  In particular, check out what's going on in downtown Salt Lake City – it's amazing.

To learn more about all of the destinations across Utah and things to do while you’re there visit: Utah.com

Next, we wanted to give you the view from the street, from real people who have sat in your chair and asked the question, “Utah?” We think you'll find their perspectives extremely relevant to your situation.

And if you do make it our way, please drop us a line. We would like to consider ourselves the unofficial welcome wagon to anyone joining our great community.

... from the friendly folks at the UTC.

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