Grading Schools

UTC Continues Priority Support of Grading Schools

In 2011, the Utah legislature passed a bill to give schools an annual “report card.” After two years of revisions, the effort is now ready to roll out, and UTC has had an opportunity to help get it right.

Up to now, education in our state has not been transparent. Too many of our high school students are graduating underprepared for college and careers—especially the Skilled Worker positions our industry so desperately needs to fill.

It’s clear that measures such as school grading are crucial to the continued growth of our vibrant innovation community. After hearing Governor Jeb Bush’s strong recommendation to make this change, UTC was the principle advocacy group to push for the School Grading Act (SB 59) initially. Over the last several months, we’ve worked closely with Senate President Wayne Niederhauser, as the bill sponsor, to fine-tune the grading procedures and criteria.

Although the School Grading bill has been approved three times by a majority of the legislature, it is a complex and at times polarizing issue. Some even feel that giving grades to our schools is too drastic. But as Lieutenant Governor Greg Bell has said, when it comes to the state of education in Utah, “we need to make a Quantum Leap.” Here’s how School Grading could be part of that leap...
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Find your School's grade

Find your school's grade on a sorted spreadsheet
here.  The spreadsheet is sorted by district, letter grade and overall points.

Supporting letters/editorials

UTC School Grading Letter to Governor Herbert (August 29, 2013)

School Grading Letter from Legislative Leadership

Why Utah's Schools Need Grading (Senate President Wayne Niederhauser & Speaker Becky Lockhart, Deseret News, Sept. 4, 2013)

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What is UTC Doing for Utah Students

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Getting students excited about school with support of programs such as
FIRST, Utah Scholars and Junior Achievement

One of 27 students' quotes from a six hour visit to Whittier Elementary on May 22, 2013 by Richard Nelson as part of the JA in a Day program:

STEM and Educational Legislation

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