Job Posting Help

If you need assistance with using your new UTC Applicant Tracking System powered by ApplicantPro, please try one of the following help documents below. 

If you need further assistance, please contact Charles Ouderkirk at couderkirk or call 801.568.3500.

Posting a Job
Start here if you are just learning to post your first job.

Creating Job Questions
You can add custom questions to your job posting to help filter out those applicants that are not qualified at the time they submit their application.

Job Board Push Tab Layout
You have the option to push your job to many different job boards.  All jobs are automatically posted to  Please note that during this process it is very important to either Click the Re-Copy buttons in the Job Board Ad Title and Description section or type in your own copy in each of the sections to ensure that your job is not posted as a blank document to the job boards you have selected.

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