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11/7/2014 Past Hall of Fame Celebrations
Student Feedback on UTC 2014 Hall of Fame Celebration

"I found it to be very interesting. The people I spoke with at our robotics table were very engineering-knowledgeable and thus I could converse with them about out robots more than usual visitors. It was very good for me to see how I could use an engineering degree and how I can be successful. The speakers were very interesting - I really liked this part. I was surprised at how quickly time passed as I listened to the speakers. The food was very good, especially the salmon! I'd like to know even more about the keynote speaker and his history, though I found the pamphlet very helpful. It was really great going there and a different experience than I usually do with the robotics program. Thank you!"

"We were able to talk to a lot of people and tell them about robotics. The people we were talking to were genuinely interested in robotics and were glad to hear what we were doing. It was a good presentation during dinner; I enjoyed the backstory of Biofire founder and growing up with medical problems on the ranch. The discussion between the two leaders was interesting as it allowed me to see what was going through the Salesforce founder’s mind as he decided on investments and supporting the hospital."

"I really enjoyed my visit to the UTC dinner. I really liked getting dressed up for a robotics event which is unusual for our team. Usually the only thing I get dressed up like that for is a school formal event like a dance or concert performance, not robotics. The food was great and I really liked hearing from the speakers. I was especially impressed with the words of Mark Benioff. I enjoyed hearing of his ideas about how to start a company and how to keep generating good ideas. Thank you for the opportunity!"

"I thought this was a very cool experience overall. I enjoyed meeting a lot of people who had done a lot of amazing things in their lives. Specifically I was impressed with the story of the founder of Biofire and how he was so determined to find better ways to treat people medically after his experience with asthma as a kid. I really liked hearing about how people were giving back to the community after they made it big. They recognized the people who helped them get there and were still giving back to the community."

"It was cool to be around so many people who affect my life without me even knowing it. I also liked how many great questions visitors had about our robots. Usually I am answering questions from little kids but many of these people had more in depth questions that tested my knowledge. Overall this was an honor to go to the Hall of Fame dinner and I’d love to do it again."

"I enjoyed that there were important people who didn’t know about robotics and we were able to share what we do at our school to further STEM education. There was a person who I spoke with from the University of Utah and we had a good conversation about potential future paths in local companies. A couple of others told me that someone like myself would fit well in their company which was eye-opening to how I envision my future."

"I met Mr. Ivory at our dinner table and he was very welcoming and interested in our program. I thought it was cool that we received as students recognition before the whole group for our robotics programs. The opening show at dinner was intriguing and exciting and a fun way to open the event. The food was delicious!"

"I thought that it was very interesting how the key speaker talked about meditation and looking at your goals. Another thing that I thought was interesting was the guy from Bio Fire who talked about a revolutionary idea from a ketchup packet Because of this speech I've tried to be more in tune with my thoughts and try to see if I have a good idea randomly."

"The celebration dinner was wonderful. The food was delicious, the entertainment was enjoyable, and the best part was the people we had the opportunity to meet. Being able to meet Mr. Benioff and hear of his story was inspiring. It struck me how down-to-earth he was. He talked about finding personal happiness and donating time and resources to bettering the world. These are the kinds of things will help me make the decisions I face in my future, more so than any classroom or statistic. For me, his keynote put together my scientific, high-profile dreams with the desires of my heart to be happy and help others. It was also nice to hear from the inductees to the Hall of Fame. They showed the many possibilities that exist within the STEM world. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to go to this dinner and I hope future students will continue to have this opportunity as well."

"I thought that this was a unique experience, and helped me realize that anything is possible. I was not quite sure what to expect, as I had never heard about this event (or UTC for that matter) before. I really liked the professional environment and how friendly and outgoing the UTC representatives were.

Thank you so much for inviting me to attend this wonderful opportunity."

"The most valuable take away from the UTC dinner was the energy that was present in the ballroom of the Grand America. In our day-to-day lives, there are surprisingly few people that are deeply excited about technological innovation. While at the Hall of Fame event, however, there was an electrifying buzz about the room, and everywhere I walked I heard talk of different companies and different innovations that were occurring in the State of Utah and around the world. The true immensity of the industry was fascinating, and I was astounded at all of the opportunities that were right there, waiting for people to seize. It definitely changed the way that I look at the industry, and how I look at my future career."

"The Utah Technology Council was an exciting event. It was great not only to meet people who are making a difference in the industry, but it was refreshing to see so many students who are succeeding in their education. Each of the speakers had a unique story to tell about how they managed to climb to the top of their industry while keeping their best qualities about them, despite hardship and adversity. It was a pleasure to meet so many fantastic people, in the midst of a fantastic meal, and see opportunities everywhere among the many other guests in attendance."

"I had the privilege to go to the UTC and I thought that it was great. I got to network with people and I had lots of fun and I enjoyed it. I got to meet lots of cool people. The food was really great."

"My experience at the UTC Conference was good. It was at the Grand America Hotel located in Salt Lake City Utah. At the conference we networked with companies like Adobe, Pluralsight, and Sales Force. We also met Senator Orrin Hatch and we got to take our picture with him. We also took our picture with the CEO of Sales Force. From the UTC conference, I learned that if you work hard you can accomplish your dreams. I also learned to never give up no matter how hard it gets."

"I would just like to say thank you for an amazing opportunity of allowing us students to attend the dinner at the grand America. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to meet the senator and someone who has become very successful in the field of business and technology at such an early age, I really enjoyed the interview that they had and all the different types of videos of people who have done something important in the field of science, technology, engineering and math."

"Participating in the Utah Technology Council's Hall of Fame celebration was an amazing experience. As a high school student I was excited to meet US Senator Orrin Hatch and keynote speaker of the night Mr. Mark Benioff. They were kind enough to share their thoughts on where they want the future to go and how we as students could go further in making a difference. Also, the dinner exceeded my expectations. I've never been so spoiled with such excellent food. My friends and I were blown away by the dinner and the little show they had before the welcome statements. Personally, I enjoyed the speeches made, especially the Q and A between the keynote speaker and his friend. I love the message the speakers gave about giving back to the community. I admired the individual passion they had toward helping other people through personal research and hard work. Overall, the night was extraordinary and I loved every second of it."

"Going to the UTC Ethos Celebration was a grand experience. I never expected to go to something so big in my life and there I was. When I walked in with my counselor and my fellow classmates I looked around and was astonished at how many people there were and especially how many students there were, around my age. Honestly I didn't expect as many students, but when we were all put into one room you could really see how many there were. When the Senator came in I think that everyone was surprised. Orrin Hatch walked in with Marc Benioff and when he told us his story it was pretty amazing. At first I didn't expect them to be so open and nice, and most of all like us. I guess that I expected them to be more strict, but they were really nice and didn't seem the least bit strict. Going back to Marc Benioff I find him to be a very successful person, and I want to say that he is now like a role model to me. Creating something for yourself at such a young age of 15 is something that is influential on people. My last thoughts on this night would be that it was one of my favorite experiences, I really took away a lot, I got to meet very important people to our society, it was very entertaining, and the food was something out of this world. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and it was a great experience."

"I recently had the opportunity to attend the 2014 Utah Technology Hall of Fame Celebration. I think it was of great value to me as a STEM student thinking about going into data analytics, I had the opportunity to see a lot of different tech companies that are thriving in Utah. I also enjoyed the keynote speaker, Marc Benioff, and his dialogue with Josh James about the importance of philanthropy in his business. Overall, I really enjoyed the gala, and I think that it really helped me gain insight into the STEM industry. It was a great experience, and I hope that others can enjoy it in the same way that I did."

"The Gala event was on all around great experience. I got to meet some of the nicest and sweetest girls of my class of 2015, Natalie Baranona, Cina Valero. I also go to spend the evening with one of my best pals Preston Dehleck, and to top it all off, the most lovely Holly Bell joined our company for the event.

It was definitely a different environment, but an environment I welcomed. It was an honor to attend so that I could meet some of the highest esteemed people in the tech world, and above all Senator Hatch. I enjoyed listening to their speeches about technology and the future. I am very honored to be accepted to attend this great event.

Thank you Holly Bell for recommending that I go."

"The Gala event was an awesome experience for me because of these successful persons in the technical fields. It really helped me get motivated and inspired to go further in the technical field. It was such a cool experience to go to such a fancy hotel and eat exquisite food. I couldn’t of asked for such a better groups also. Thank you for inviting me!"

"The Gala was an amazing experience it made me realize that the world of technology was really a place for me. Just being in the same room as inventors, billionaires and many successful beings, I gained a lot of inspiration and motivation from these individuals. They have accomplished so much and are some of the most successful individuals. It really taught me the importance of hard work, not only that but the rewards that come with hard work and success. It was an unforgettable experience that will forever change my outlook on life and my future, by making me want to pursue success and achieve all of my goals."

"Thank you for inviting us! It was a great experience that I won't forget! It was such a great opportunity to meet with and listen to Marc Bennioff and Senator Hatch. It was awesome to see what an impact one person could have in the science and technology industry, I really enjoyed listening to Kirk M. Ririe because I can relate to his inventions with PCR, and I'm leaning about that in school so it was awesome to be able to see these people who impact our lives."

"I enjoyed the celebration. It was pretty cool to be around all those people that have been very successful in life and it was interesting to get this glimpse into the business world. I was very glad I went. I learned a lot about how to be successful and achieve long and short term goals."

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