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11/30/2012 Past Hall of Fame Celebrations
Student Feedback on UTC 2012 Hall of Fame Celebration

“I am so thankful I was invited to this dinner, it was an amazing experience. I was able to meet many leaders in technology and people just in the technology field that were able to give me an insight of what they do for a career. It was a reality check of the real world and actually being treated and talked to like an adult and not like a kid. Listening to Jeff Bezos talk about how he first started in a garage helped me understand that he started as just an average citizen. I enjoyed seeing the true people behind Amazon, Merit Medical, and DOMO. It was nice to see all of their inspiring stories and all those who supported them. Attending this dinner really brought me reassurance, I've always been nervous and worried about my career future because all you hear about for our generation is unemployment and debt. This dinner helped me have more hope for my future knowing that the field I am studying offers endless opportunities and options for me.”

“I really enjoyed the Gala, it was a good experience for me seeing what these successful people did to get where they are, and plus the food was amazing! But what I really enjoyed was the way they had Jeff Bezos talk, instead of him having a written response that he said aloud, they had a question and answer where he and Orrin Hatch sat down and talked. Unfortunately I could not make it for the picture with them before the Gala began, but I wish I had, Jeff Bezos seemed like an amazing person. I liked how he said he didn't look at what other companies were doing but what the customers will want next, because it's better to be the new news then the old news.”

“To be honest, I hadn't heard of Jeff Bezos until I got to the Grand America and read the program. I'd been a fan of Amazon and was excited to hear more from him. It was interesting to hear him discuss Amazon's humble beginnings. I thought Senator Hatch asked some good questions and was a fairly articulate interviewer. When we learned about the local entrepreneurs afterwards, it was cool to see people in Utah who climbed their way to the top and showed that same spirit that Bezos has. Although my favorite part of the evening was when the old astronaut came up and talked about the value of education and how that is what will shape our future. That was the part of the presentation that felt most relevant to me.”

“I found the interview with Jeff Bezos to be pretty awesome. All of the things he said really rang true with me, especially when he talked about the different types of people who succeed in business. It relieved me when he said that the people who love it usually make more money than the people whose sole purpose in life is to make money.”

“Thank you so very much for inviting us as students of Granite School District to join you all for the UTC Gala dinner. It was one of the best experiences of my life, and I had an excellent night. I so very much enjoyed being able to have my picture taken with Jeff Bezos and Senator Orrin Hatch. Through the night I was able to get in contact with a couple different companies, and find out what their intentions are, and make myself known to them for hopefully, future career opportunities. One of my favorite parts of the night, and the biggest thing I took home from this was when Mr. Bezos talked of how he first started Amazon. He had almost no money, and was working out of his garage, with only a few of his friends, and very limited resources. Though it was a struggle they managed to get up on their feet and succeed big time. Though many of their products failed, many did not. A thought to take into consideration is never give up, in the end with hard work, comes great rewards. Again, thank you so much for having us as guests, you have really inspired me for the future to come.”

Senator Jake Garn's Speech

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