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6/29/2012 Past Breakfasts/Lunches
Don't Lose "Green" with a Disjointed Information Management System

Energy-efficient information management is critical to a business: after all, your organization runs on energy. Yet companies often focus on designing and building a green facility, while failing to make the most of their investment through efficient monitoring of energy use.

To achieve a truly “Smart Building”—and reap the rewards of cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint—Craig Engelbrecht of Siemens helped business owners, managers and facility operators assess options for creating an integrated facility system that provides actionable information about energy use, plus strategies for using that information to achieve green initiative goals at UTC’s June 29 Industry breakfast.

Craig Engelbrecht is Director of Remote Services and Technology for Siemens Infrastructure and Cities, Building Technologies Division. An expert in building automation, he has pioneered numerous energy information software products and solutions, including systems that provide near-real-time intelligence of energy/resource use. At Siemens, Craig is responsible for identifying market trends in remote services, energy efficiency and enterprise information management, and deploying commercialization strategies to bring these solutions to the industries it serves.

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