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4/5/2011 Past Marketing Exec P2P Forums
Bang for Your Buck: Measuring and Improving Marketing Performance

April 5, 2011 - UTC Marketing Exec P2P Forum - Photos/Audio/PowerPoints Available

Shrinking budgets and decreased head counts are pressuring marketers to justify every dollar spent and to allocate their budgets in ways that yield the best results. In this Marketing P2P Forum, Matthew Bowman (bio), head of demand gen for Allegiance, the fifth fastest-growing, privately-held software company in the US, shared how his marketing department used metrics, dashboards and strategy to fuel 50% revenue growth, decreasing cost-per-lead by 56% and increasing their 2011 marketing budget. Topics discussed included how Allegiance achieved the following:
- Boosted lead count while reducing cost per lead
- Set up metrics and dashboards
- Identified which datasets were most important to monitor
- Established benchmarks to compare against similar companies
- Linked marketing activities to revenue
- Identified which toolsets were needed to achieve large results with small budgets

Event Items:

Audio | PowerPoint | Photos available to members only

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