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10/18/2011 Past Marketing Exec P2P Forums
Marketing Dollars: How Do You Know How Much is Enough?

Bruce Law, president and founder of Sprout Marketing, led this month’s Marketing P2P Forum discussion on “Marketing Dollars: How Do You Know How Much is Enough?” Bruce presented an outline of an essential business strategy of first - laying the foundation, second -moving to the plumbing (internal gears) and third - the outreach. In addition there is always the component of internal and external when it comes to corporate marketing. A couple of great tips to think about: The company and website should work together and reflect the same message. The more you do earlier to get things set up, the less money it will cost you down the road. Know your message before talking with journalists, media or PR. Keep in mind to launch and layer when it comes to social media outlets. Finally, the overall company revenue will determine how much budget should be allotted for PR and marketing. A good estimate on how much to plan for is 10-14% of the total revenue.

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