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11/9/2011 Past Breakfasts/Lunches
Ethics and Profits: Good Friends

Dr. Bradley R. Agle, the George W. Romney Endowed Professor at Marriott School of Management, presented a message that was engaging and thought provoking. Companies don’t always realize that choosing to be ethical may not bring immediate rewards, but in the long run the decision to choose honesty and ethics will pay off.

The Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University is attempting to develop people who have moral capacity, the knowledge, wisdom, courage, and skills to be moral actors and leaders in business. Moral capacity includes the ability to not only understand what is right but to know how to do what is right.

Some questions to think about asking yourself going forward:

Would I hire this person?
Would I want to work for this person?
Would I start a business with this person?

Moral leadership is something that we are all responsible for incorporating, developing, and teaching in our respective responsibilities as parents, co-workers, and leaders in the community. Please click below for audio and PowerPoint of this presentation.

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