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12/13/2011 Past Marketing Exec P2P Forums
Learn 10 Ways to Get More Business Online

Elisabeth Osmeloski, a veteran in the search engine marketing industry, shared some quality information on how search marketing has evolved. Google is currently the #1 search engine; You Tube takes the number 2 spot. Bing and Yahoo consist of 30% of the market share. What makes a search successful? Osmeloski lists the following: 1). Content freshness, 2). Quality, and 3). Connections with customers.

Ryan Hutchings, a seasoned professional in the online marketing industry, shared some practical tips that every marketing professional should note. Take your budget and spread it out to include 10 different ways to market. This tactic allows flexibility and doesn’t lock you into a specific avenue. His list of 10 can be viewed here. (Loren please add the link) Additionally, he suggested always using a performance-based payment model and know your baseline metrics. Regarding metrics, he does not recommend content networks or display ad networks and cautions to avoid the broad scope. Your company can win the technology battle with proper feed management, online booking technology, dynamic content, and being the leader.

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