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10/11/2013 Past Hall of Fame Celebrations
Student Feedback on UTC 2013 Hall of Fame Celebration

"The Gala was one of the most interesting events I have been to recently.  It can go without saying that the food was very good- that was a given. Of the things I learned, one of the most important (in my eyes) was that anybody has the capability to do good, and to better not only themselves, but the people around them. Before that day, I had always doubted my capability to start a biomedical engineering business, but the event has certainly re-kindled that passion. I believe this extra bit of inspiration will help a great amount in the years to come, and I would just like to say thank you for the excellent opportunity."

"During the UTC gala I learned many things, such as what UTC is all about and how it relates to the community. They focused on STEM and how that applies to Utah. They also honored a few people in the community that have contributed greatly to the community. Such as those that founded ARUP. Then all of the service and the food was amazing, I really liked it. The whole set up and the way that UTC arranged the night was great. Then it was awesome to speak with the president of Adobe. That was probably the best part of the night besides eating the amazing food. That night has inspired me to be even better and strive to learn more. I really enjoyed the whole night. Thank you."

"Thank you for the opportunity to go to the UTC Gala on Friday the 11th. It was a great experience and a great time to meet other people of similar interests as mine from other schools and businesses. Mr. Narayen had good inspirational thoughts. Being able to talk with him was a great pleasure for everyone in attendance. I learned about some things that are good to do while running a business, like focusing on the most important issues before the less important ones, and there might be a need to delegate some work. Also, a business should have an impact on the customers and change their life in a positive way. Again, thank you for this opportunity. There were many things I liked about it."

"The UTC Hall of Fame Gala honoring top contributors in STEM fields with Utah ties was a very enjoyable experience. I met the other top STEM students from each of the Canyons District Schools, and that was probably my favorite part of the night. Being the only girl was interesting, but the boys were very nice and I found we had a lot of the same interests and career aspirations. We discussed things such as college and career plans over a very nice dinner provided by the UTC. I received a new outlook on what to do when I go to college, based on the experience of the counselors that chaperoned us and the other STEM students, and I hope I was able to share just as much information with them. Thank you for allowing my school to send a representative, and for giving us the opportunity to see what we can accomplish in years to come."

"My reaction from attending “Champions of Change” was extraordinary. It was such a privilege attending this event with other classmates and it became an unforgettable day. What I loved about it was, meeting the CEO of Adobe, Shantanu Narayen. I was happy we got the opportunity to ask him questions. I asked “What where the obstacles that you had to face?" His wise answer made me really think about my future. He said “Many times, when you want to succeed, you become your own obstacle, and you never get a chance to achieve any of your goals, that’s why you seniors should really put yourselves out there in the world and dominate it.” Mr. Shantanu really inspired me to do more in my community and devote myself to my goals. I really enjoyed being invited to the event, and I will never forget it."

"The UTC Hall of Fame Celebration was a fun experience for me. Meeting Shantanu Narayen in person was cool and I really enjoyed watching his interview. I liked what he said about art being important. I like math and science, but I'm also a piano player and would agree it's important to be well-rounded. The dinner helped me become a more well-rounded person. My parents, worrying about my manners, taught me proper etiquette. The dinner gave me a chance to use what I learned. It was a good learning and unique experience."

"Being a part of the UTC Hall of Fame celebration was a privilege. Learning about all the different people who have succeeded in the technology sector in Utah really motivated me and gave me a whole different perspective on Utah. Meeting Shantanu Narayen was truly an honor. As a minority, he has inspired me to reach for the stars and perhaps one day I can become as important as him. The dinner was great and my table had people from different backgrounds whom I talked to and learned from. This was definitely one of the best experiences ever."

"The technology Hall of Fame inductees meeting was a rather enjoyable experience. Although it would be quite easy to touch on the great food that was there (although it wouldn’t hurt for bigger portions) the experience itself was very interesting. It showed the potential that I have or anyone else if they find a cause and put everything they have into it. The inductees and the CEO of Adobe proved that hard work and true motivation can allow anyone to accomplish almost anything."

"In October of 2013, I was given the opportunity to attend the UTC Hall of Fame Celebration. It was such an honor to be considered a student of the caliber to be included in such an event. I was so impressed by the accomplishments of all the business executives there, especially within the medical community. This was the perfect chance to learn more about what I can and need to do to experience the success the people attending this have had. Hopefully someday I have students much like myself come to hear me speak and recognize my achievements like I got to do that night."

"The UTC conference actually helped me a lot with what I have, more recently, been stressing out about, college. I remember that before the conference had started that we had a chance to talk to two very important people that evening, and that they both gave our groups great advice. They just talk to us about not stressing too much about college and what we’re going to do because what is meant to be will be and nothing can stop that from happening. That sentence alone instantaneously lifted pounds of stress off my shoulders because I have been stressing out about what I was going to do, how I was going to do it, and what I need to start doing to accomplish all of those things. Also, seeing that those people being awarded that night, had started from just an idea has given me a lot of hope in my future." 

"This past month going to Grand America Hotel for the Hall of Fame event, was probably the best night I have had in my life so far. I would like to thank my amazing teacher for picking me to go the event, thank you Mrs. Mansouri. Being able to hear the Founder and CEO of Adobe talk to us and give us inspirational advice just had me in awe. I felt his words move me; it made me want to push myself to achieve many goals and to strive to ensure that my future will be at its best. Also, the food there was absolutely amazing, if I could, I would want to re-live that night over again. As the Hall of Fame continued and we get to see all these amazing people getting such an amazing award, almost brought me to tears. I made myself a promise, that I will get an award and be inducted into the Hall of Fame. As I go further in life, I will do my best, and to push myself to become all that I can be in Web Design. I will make everyone who believes in me proud, and my outcome will be remembered by many."

"The UTC Hall of Fame awards earlier this month was an amazing experience. First off, the food was remarkable. Being around all of these successful people was very mind blowing. The way all of these people talked, acted, and represented themselves was very interesting. It was an honor to be able to talk and take a picture with the CEO of Adobe was incredible! It was very inspiring to hear all these accomplished people talk about their challenges that they had to overcome was awesome. It makes me believe that I can accomplish so many things in my career if I am determined and really believe I can."

"My experience at the 2013 UTC Hall of Fame Award ceremony earlier this month was quite an honor to attend. This event was truly inspiring; observing each individual that made a global contribution to science and technology through leadership made an incredible impact on the way I view the road to achieving my future goals in the scientific field. Meeting and listening intently to the speeches made by the president of Adobe as well as the keynote speakers and participants of ARUP was significantly interesting. Hearing how each individual overcame their challenges as well as created a friendly environment to enrich their knowledge created a feeling within me that it is quite possible to do the same with years of hard work and a head start. Each of these honorable individuals exhibited charisma and integrity within the field they were passionate in. That same charisma played a pertinent role in guiding the path from where they started from to where they are now. While observing their inspiring speeches, I noticed that each inductee worked hard in high school, hard in college, and always followed their dreams no matter what obstacles were placed in their way. Through thriving in my high school classes and advancing my knowledge in science, I hope to one day be as successful as the individuals I observed."

"Going to the Grand America Hotel for the Hall of Fame event was one of the most exciting and interesting events I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending. Having the opportunity to speak with people of such high intelligence and high success, was why I was so happy that I was given the opportunity to go. To get this out of the way, the food was spectacular. I’m sorry but I have to mention it. The conversation was better. I felt that I was in this huge sea of people that not only could offer amazing conversation, but that they could intimidate me so much that I couldn’t speak to them at all. Of course at our table, we, Shylo and I, did converse with one man, he worked in trying to find cleaner energy sources. I can’t recall his name or business, but he was very interested in what Shylo and I were doing, and how we made it to such an exclusive event as honored technology students. Shylo and I proudly told him what we’ve been doing in the biotechnology program at JATC. We told him of our aspirations in the future of biotechnology, and where we personally wanted to take our biotechnology education. It was a fantastic experience, and I made a promise to myself that night that one day I will win an award similar to the Hall of Fame recognition. My future is in technology, and the UTC Hall of Fame event reassured my want and eager need to be not only successful in my technology field, but to inspire others."

"The opportunity to attend the 2013 Hall of Fame Celebration hosted by the Utah Technology Council was an amazing experience. For my students meet Shanuanu Narayen from Adobe Systems was an honor. Adobe is the primary software that the students learn in my classroom. He really spoke to the students about the future, gave them advice, and asked them about what they already had accomplished. I was a little star struck, but my students were inspired. They left the celebration inspired to become the award nominees. I was impressed by the professional members who were at the table with the students. They all took time to speak to the students and give advice and support for what they are working to accomplish in school. Thank you for this amazing opportunity."

"I found the UTC Hall of Fame Night to be very interesting; it was a great opportunity to be able to meet the CEO of Adobe and hear how he became successful. He gave us great advice on striving for our dreams and looking towards the future. It was very exciting to learn about all of the accomplishments these successful STEM people have made. Overall, I had a very fun night learning more about the STEM field and meeting these professional businessmen."

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