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9/12/2014 Agile UX: Benefits, Trends, Tools & Myths  more
5/9/2014 The Best Practices of Software Configuration Management and QA Automation Framworks  more
2/7/2014 How to Build A High-Functioning Agile Engineering Team  more
9/13/2013 Why Great Leadership is Everything  more
4/26/2013 Agile Innovation  more
9/9/2011 It's Time for Social Media to Grow Up  more
7/8/2011 Making Open Source Work  more
5/13/2011 Agile Development Best Practices, Successes and Challenges  more
3/11/2011 Escaping the Black Hole: Building a Customer-Focused, Transparent and Accountable IT Ecosystem  more
1/14/2011 How Content Analytics Changes the Game  more

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